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Here you will find not only worm castings for sale but the BEST SELLING eBook 14 Day Worm Castings offered for sale showing you the same technology used on Organic Worm Farm.

Worm castings also known as vermicast are not to be confused with worm compost or vermicompost which are a mixture of decomposed and decomposing materials mixed with worm castings.

We offer premium worm castings for sale which are shipped in breathable bags since the worm castings are loaded with live beneficial aerobic microbes which require oxygen to survive.

We also offer "true" worm castings for sale. Unlike many other web sites offering worm castings which in reality is vermicompost our castings are screened with a 1/8" screen to offer only clean worm castings.

Bruce, the founder of Red Worms For Sale, is well respected in the red worms community and known as The Worm Expert online.

Along with our worms, we offer helpful information on raising your red worms, what to do, what to avoid and more through the Worm Composting Newsletter.


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